The Indiegogo Campaign for Here For The Weekend officially launched on September 12, 2013 with a special event hosted by Measure in Toronto, ON.  The night’s itinerary included special guest performances, silent auctions and raffle draws that included prizes such as Blue Jay’s passes, photography packages and much more.

The grand unveiling of scene’s shot from the film also incorporated the campaign to secure funding so the remaining of the film can be produced.

For more information please click on the poster below to see that campaign, view new photo’s and video’s and to make your own contribution today!



After a busy few months Robynne took to set and filmed her brief role in Le Beau Risqué as Sarah, wife of the main character William played by Shaun Benson of Guelph Ontario. The film is written and Directed by Marc Penney who is known for his work in Chicago and Narc.

Through out the summer Robynne has been travelling to Los Angeles and globally to pursuing her acting and modeling adventures. She began preparations for her latest challenge as Evelyn in the Feature Film, Here for the Weekend written and directed by Dave Vaughan and Remagination Productions Inc. of Toronto, Ontario. Dave Vaughan is notably recognized for his past work in Advocate in 2012 and Hokum in 2010.

Here For The Weekend is an Independent Feature that delves into a perverse story of an age reversal anecdote and its slummy thug creators Charlie and Kelly played by Brian Carleton and Paul Nicholls, who are in the market for an investor.  Through all the lies and deceit unravels a perilous vengeance with an undeniable twist of fate.


Remagination Productions Inc. is in the midst of producing an Indie Go-Go Campaign to secure funding for  Here For The Weekend  while filming in conjunction with the feature’s production schedule.  Filming commences for the months of August and could continue into the early months of next years and will take place in Toronto, locations in the U.S and Barbados.


Dave Vaughan’s ‘Here For The Weekend’. For more information, LIKE our Facebook Page:



Robynne is very proud to share with everyone one of her biggest break out roles to-date in an untitled Actra Independent Film that is currently in production in Montreal, New York and Toronto.  The film is directed and produced by Mark and Ryan Penney of Penney Enterprises.  Mark is best known for his work on films Chicago (2002) starring Taye Diggs, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellweger, Narc (2002) with Ray Liotta and Jason Patrick, and most notably on The Right Way (2004).  The Penney brothers are working on a film that is also in production starring Jon Voight and Evangeline Lilly which is on hold due to scheduling conflicts.

Robynne will play a supporting role as the wife of main character William, a perpetually tortured artist that loses everything to his sexual addictions. Sources say Hayden Christensen was originally rumoured to be cast but is now played by Guelph Ontario native Shaun Benson. Mark makes his writing and directorial debut on this film and is expected to be placed in the Sundance Film Festival in 2014.

Robynne expresses her gratitude for this opportunity and is looking forward to her continued success in 2013.



Robynne has officially announced that she is all set to play a major role this summer in Ottawa as the camera’s roll Prisoner’s of Time, by former co-star and director of The Percy Harris Story, Brian Lutes.

Prisoners of Time is the story of two wounded souls who answer each other’s cry for help, though they live generations and worlds apart.  Theirs is a story of love and longing, tragedy and triumph.  WILLIS JAMES a Canadian war correspondent wounded in the Korean war and REBECKAH a young Quaker …woman from the 15th century are suffering emotionally and physically.  When their spirits connect they develop first a friendship then a love affair that sustains them through unbearable suffering but has a ripple effect in their respective worlds.  As their lives intersect in strange and inexplicable ways, the people around them are impacted and the results are tragic.  Unable to bear a life without REBECKAH, WILLIS withdraws from the world and retreats into himself.    With their spirits freed of the physical limitations of time and space they find one another in a place where time and pain do not exist. Robynne will be playing GAYLE, the emotionally tortured wife of WILLIS who is left to deal the rummage and despair having losing her husband unknowingly to another woman, while herself seeking solace in the arms of a friend.


Both Independent Feature Film The Percy Harris Story, Directed by Brian Lutes and Short Film Carried Love, Directed by Alex Hutchinson and Denise Lee-Hutchinson of Red Tie Video Productions have both been receiving accolades and recognition everywhere they go.  The Percy Harris Story is rumoured to be receiving recognition in the Beverly Hills Film Festival 2013 being held May 8-12th. We will be keeping our fingers crossed! Carried Love has also been accepted into the Paterson Falls Film Festival in the Winners and Nominee’s category. Congratulations to all cast and crew!!!



The AMAZING news just keeps rolling in!! The Percy Harris Story has won and will be accepting a 2013 Canada Film Festival Royal Reel Award April 6th at The Canada Film Festival Held April 5th and 6th in Vancouver!!!! Congratulations to everyone who dedicated their time and talents to the film!


Short Film Carried Love has also been making the film festival circuit swooping up a nomination for Steam Whistle Home Brew Award for Best Local Short at the Kingston Canadian Film Festival held February 28-March 3, 2013.



February 2013

FEBRUARY 22nd, 2013~ The long awaited Premier Screening of The Percy Harris Story is finally here!  Please join us at the Sala San Marco Banquet and Convention Centre, 215 Preston St. Performance by recording artist Jutes with special guest Rubber Buzzard. There will also be a sneak preview of the upcoming film Ming! A $5 per ticket ‘donation’ is appreciated but not mandatory.




JANUARY 2013~  Lead role as Rebecca, in short film Carried Love, Directed by Alex Hutchison and Denise Lee of Red Tie Productions. Based on an Urban Legend that has been most notably gone viral on Facebook, this touching story has chills running down the spines of those who have read it. Link to the original story via photo below. WARNING: Have tissues at hand!


JANUARY-MARCH 2013 ~  Cameo role as a Reporter in Dead End, A Short Film Directed by Tazito Garcia

Check out his latest project:  THE BRIEFCASE

JANUARY 5~ Supershow 2013- North American International Motorcycle Supershow, Featured Guest Model